Engineering Innovation Beyond What’s Possible

Discover the cutting-edge solutions of PT Optimaxx Prima Teknik (OPT), driving the charge in technology and energy innovation across Indonesia. As the official distributor of Ansys, we empower businesses with a comprehensive suite of simulation and optimization tools covering everything from 3D Design, Structure, CFD, Electromagnetics, Optics, Systems, to Digital Twin. By harnessing Ansys' groundbreaking technologies like 5G, autonomous driving, and electrification, we transform your visionary concepts to life, propelling you into the future.

Explore the potential of our IIOT capabilities, meticulously leveraging machine learning to decode asset data and predict maintenance needs with precision. Through Machine Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance driven by meticulous data analytics, we ensure seamless operations and production. Our Energy Efficiency & Optimization program advocates sustainability, offering up to 40% energy efficiency improvement with ZERO CAPEX. At Optimaxx, we're not just solving problems; we're shaping the future of energy management, one innovative solution at a time.

Join us in the mission for a greener tomorrow with our Renewable Energy initiatives championing environmental responsibility like solar rooftop, biomass, biogas, and wind energy solutions. Our Carbon Credits initiatives, which offer intelligent business models to support carbon neutrality, underscore our commitment to combatting climate change. Optimaxx goes beyond meeting your current needs; we are crafting a legacy of sustainability for our planet and future generations. We welcome you to this transformative journey.


Realizing the digital transformation of engineering industries based on research and human resource development to accelerate industrialization 4.0 in Indonesia


  • Accelerate innovation through engineering simulation
  • Solve solutions effectively and efficiently based on simulationdriven engineering
  • Providing the best value-added aftersales services and solutionsto customers and partners